Band Bio

Pound Salt

Chris – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Dez – Drums / Back-up Vocals
Ryan – Bass / Back-up Vocals
Joe – Lead Guitar / Back-up Vocals

Pound Salt’s energetic, melody-driven pop-punk has been hitting stages in Kingston since July of 2022.

Chris, lead vocals and guitar, brought the band together only months before their first live set. Still, they quickly made it happen with natural chemistry and the experience gained from previous music projects.

Chris posted about starting a band, and Ryan first reached out. Ryan previously played for Figure 8, now known as the Back Steps. After hearing some demos, he was in.

Dez, the drummer, started on a Tupperware/ice cream tub kit before graduating to a proper kit and was on tour at 15. Chris’s wife first noticed Dez’ skills behind the kit, and it took no convincing for Chris to ask him to join. For the previous five years, Dez has been rocking the kit for The Beta 58s, and now he’s teamed up with this front-line trio to push the pulse of Pound Salt.

The catchy licks and poppy guitar riffs are played by Joe Murray. Joe built his chops and rep while shredding in local hardcore and metal bands. When Chris left a previous band, Joe filled his spot. So, when it was time to find the lead guitarist, Joe was an obvious choice to fill that spot too.

Chris has been playing guitar and writing songs since before he was a teen. To this day, he has always played with a band or would go solo, playing everywhere he could, from festivals to pubs to hosting open mics. Relentlessly pushing his craft and sculpting his music. But this isn’t just another music project for them; this is a project of passion and fun that won’t go away, even if you want them to go pound salt.